Transportation for Elderly and Disabled Adults

Ability is here for you during covid-19

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation will help you or your loved ones get to necessary doctor’s appointments safely and on time. We have spacious vans to allow for social distancing, a cleaning station and all providers have PPE kits on hand. All providers have a level 1 fingerprint clearance card, a full background check and are trained in HIPPA, First Aid, CPR, Transportation and Article 9.Grocery shopping and meal delivery services will allow you to get needed groceries and meals from a variety of places! Due to delays in instant grocery shopping applications, we will send a staff to pick up your items with masks and gloves, and deliver it to your home right away.
We have spacious vans to allow for social distancing, a cleaning station and all providers have PPE kits on hand.

Please call 928-515-2370 ext. 2 for more information!

We offer Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

At Ability, we realize that the feeling from a loss of independence from no longer being able to drive can be tragic. Our transportation services are designed to allow your loved ones to regain that feeling of independence, while also providing you with peace of mind.

Ability has over 25 vehicles, and our staff transport over 65 people per day in your community. Our staff have extensive training including, but not limited to: driving safety, wheelchair transportation safety, timeliness, lifting and transferring, etc. and are prepared to transport elderly and disabled adults.

We can transport your loved ones to:

  • doctor’s appointments
  • shopping / run errands
  • restaurants
  • friend’s houses
  • and anywhere else that is needed!

Our expert providers will cater to any and all needs required.
Here are some examples of ways in which we will go above and beyond:

Your loved one needs need transportation to doctor’s appointments, but they suffer from dementia and you would like to know what happened during the appointment. Upon request, our providers will not only drive them to the appointment, but will sit with them and take notes on vital information to share with you afterwards.

Your loved one needs to go shopping, but may require some assistance. Our providers will go shopping with them, and will even put their groceries away after returning home.

Your loved one wants to go out to eat, but they need someone to keep them company. Our providers will gladly sit with them throughout the meal and engage in meaningful conversation.

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If you would like to see if Ability has a program for someone you care for, please call to schedule a visit of our facility, and meet our staff.