Special Needs Programs

Male Ability member drawing with pencials and cryons


Our Day Treatment and Training facilities provide specialized sensory-motor, cognitive, communicative, social interaction and behavioral training to promote skill development.

Beginning in September 2010, Ability opened its first facility in Dewey, AZ. The 8000 square foot facility has a therapy room, game room, coffee house, and a 2000 square foot indoor recreation area. We also have outdoor patios, basketball court, and a sand volleyball court. This gives members a variety of recreational and therapeutic opportunities.

In March 2013, Ability opened it’s first Prescott facility. In December of 2015, Ability acquired a larger 8500 square foot facility to better serve our members.

We tailor our services to meet each individual’s needs with a focus on ability, providing a fun filled social atmosphere designed to encourage continuous personal growth in every area of our members’ lives. Ability utilizes person centered planning to ensure the success of each individual member’s wants and needs in daily operations.

With DTA facilities in Dewey and Prescott, Ability offers specialized sensory-motor, cognitive, communicative, social interaction, behavioral training and group activities for special needs adults. This personalized skill development enriches the lives of members, and promotes integration into the community.

 Ability’s members consistently interact with the general public through activities in the community, and individuals from the community frequently come to the facilities to teach classes, perform concerts, and so much more!


Virtual Day Program

Ability has expanded its DTA activities virtually! Interact 1:1 with one of our highly qualified staff to have a fun and social experience! Enjoy virtual games  and activities such as:

  • Battleship
  • Uno
  • Interactive Vocation Games
  • Exercise Classes
  • And so much more!


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If you would like to see if Ability has a program for someone you care for, please call to schedule a visit of our facility, and meet our staff.