Kira Williman

Executive Director

Kira Williman and her husband Jack Williman own Ability.

Kira Williman, has over 25 years of experience in social services, including 3 years as a Support Coordinator here in Arizona. She worked for Ohio Works First, writing policy for the state of Ohio.

Both Kira and Jack enjoy spending time with their family and making a difference in the lives of the members we serve.

Jack Williman

Chief Financial Officer

Kira Williman and her husband Jack Williman own Ability.

Jack Williman has a diverse background in business operations, transportation, and facilities management. He also is EMT trained, and is the CPR/First Aid Instructor for Ability.

Both Kira and Jack enjoy spending time with their family and making a difference in the lives of the members we serve.

Kelly Daniel

Human Resources

Kelly Daniel is Ability’s HR Director, and has been with Ability since 2011. She certifies our staff in Direct Care Worker training and Article 9.

Kelly received her bachelors degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University. Her passion for teaching led her to work with special needs individuals at Ability.

In Kelly’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children, her husband, and her five grandchildren. She enjoys the outdoors and hiking with her family.

Amanda-Jo Toro

Director of Program Services

Amanda-Jo Toro began working in social services in 2011. She quickly became a DTA Coordinator for the company at the Dewey location, where she worked several years. Amanda-Jo is now the Director of Program Services for Ability.

She has a long history in management at different locations, and as a paraprofessional. Amanda-Jo became certified in early childhood development and interaction with children. Her experience as a paraprofessional paved the way for her love for the special needs community. She enjoys working with members through community integration. Amanda-Jo utilizes her experience in applied behavioral analysis to help each member be successful.

Amanda-Jo enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends. She enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, and event planning.

Amanda-Jo is loved by the members, and her management experience brings compassion and leadership to the Ability team.

Cameo Hammer

Program Coordinator

Cameo  Hammer has been working in the special needs community for 10 years, and has managed several Group Homes and GSE crews. In July 2017, Cameo moved from California to Prescott, Arizona, and was hired at Ability. Due to her extensive experience and obvious kindheartedness towards the members, Cameo was quickly promoted to DTA Coordinator.

Outside of Ability, her hobbies include hiking, painting, gardening and making jewelry. Her educational background includes child development and psychology.

Cameo enjoys living in Prescott, and looks forwards to being able to interact with the members and staff each day. Members at Ability describe her as fun, kind and reliable.

Jennifer Hatfield

DTA Coordinator in Dewy

Dylan Hayward

Program Coordinator

Dylan Hayward began working in social services in 2009. After realizing his calling for working with people in the special needs community, he began his employment with Ability in April of 2011.

Dylan’s talent for writing, as well as his compassion and understanding for the members, earned him a position as Program Coordinator. As Ability’s Program Coordinator, Dylan is responsible for writing progress reports, goals for the members, Policy and Protocol, attends all of the team meetings for the members, and much more.

Dylan works with the State Support Coordinators, the members and their families to develop Individual Service Plans that will provide the member with the tools necessary to become as independent as possible.

Dylan’s primary focus is to provide the members with the necessary tools and supports that will allow them to reach their full potential.

Alec Williman


Ashlynn Williman


Marco Di Maria

Tech Service Coordinator 

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